Eppicards – applications and usage

What is this Eppicard all about?

Eppicard is a government issued system that allows users from any state within the USA to receive payments that are due from the government.  It’s was introduced some years ago and the main aim was to make for a smoother transaction process between the state and benefit receiver as well as eliminating checks.

If you receive child support then most likely you’ll have an Eppicard issued by the state from where you live.  It’s a great way to access your child support funds whilst being able to use it like a regular credit or debit card.  That means drawing funds from ATM machines, paying for goods in stores and using it online to make a purchase.  Another benefit is that the money is credited to your account automatically so you don’t have to take your monthly check to the bank and then wait for the funds to clear.  You can simply pick up your Eppicard and the funds will be present on the date you are due to receive them.  The exception to this is if the date falls on a weekend then your likely get the money credited the following monday.

How does somebody get an Eppicard?

It’s easy.  To apply for an Eppicard you need to contact your state office and make the application with them.  They have the authority to grant or deny you an Eppicard which will depend on if you are eligible for welfare payments or not.  Assuming you get your application approved then you can expect to see your Eppicard arrive via the mail in short time which is usually no longer than 10 working days.

Extra Eppicard reading

Each state has its own Eppicard portal on the web.  You can find these by checking using google and typing your state plus the word eppicard.  Alternatively you can find details on our website, eppicard support.  Using these portals are good for checking your balance, looking at the various charges that your state may apply when using your card for certain transactions and also keeping an eye on any updates happening in the eppicard arena.


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