The Mississippi Eppicard is available to people who receive monthly benefit payments from the US government from one of the following departments;

The Department of Human Services
Division of Child Support Enforcement
Division of Economic Assistance Beneficiaries
Department of Employment Security

As with all other states Eppicards, the Mississippi card can be used just like a normal debit card, using it to pay for goods either online or offline and to draw money from any ATM machines displaying the MasterCard® or Cirrus® logos.  Retailers that also display the MasterCard® or Cirrus® logos can provide you with a cash back facility without incurring any fees.

With your Mississippi eppicard you were issued with an ID and password which can be used online so you can review your balance and transaction history from the last 60 days.

Fees you need to know about:
•    $0.50 for ATM balance inquiries.
•    $0.95 for successful ATM cash withdrawals.
•    $5.00 for each replacement card issued.
•    Surcharges occur at most ATM’s, except at Hancock, Trustmark and Regions Bank ATM locations.

Lost your Mississippi Eppicard?

If your eppicard has been misplaced or you believe it to be stolen then you need to report it straight away so your funds remain safe and a new card can be sent to you.  Do so by using the toll free number below which can be dialed 24hrs per day for free, 7 days a week.


Any other questions you may have about your Mississippi eppicard can be but to us using our contact form located using the tab on the top of this page.

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