Welcome to the Eppicard Support FAQ page.  Here we are constantly building up the list of commonly asked questions which we hope will act as a database for users to be able to find answers as quickly as possible.  Don’t forget that if you can’t find a question and answer listed then you can still send us your query via contact page.

Eppicard FAQ’s


Q – I  can’t find my card how do I get a new card?

A – The first thing you really must do is contact the number to declare you card lost or stolen.  Then you can talk with them about putting in for a replacement for which they will mail out to you.

Q – I need to change my address associated with my eppicard but can’t find out how.  Can you tell me?

A – You need to dial the customer service number relating to you eppicard state office.  They will be able to guide you through changing you address.


Q – My next payment is due on a weekend day.  Will the credit get put on my card on the friday before or will I have to wait until Monday?

A – You will have ti wait until Monday


Q – What is an Eppicard?

A – An eppicard is a card issued by the state for which the government are able to credit with money should you be entitled to child support or other similar payments.  Each state has their own.


Q – How do I use my Eppicard?

A – After your card has been credited with the amount your entitled to then you are able to use it in the same way you would a credit card.  This means you are able to pay for goods in stores using it as well as drawing money from atm machines


Q – Will I get charged to use my eppicard at an atm machine?

A – You may do.  It depends on the machine not the card.  Check to see if there is a charge before using the atm.  An aternative you may consider is asking for cash back when making a purchase.


Q – I’ve lost my eppicard what should I do?

A – You need to call customer services right away to inform them so they can cancel any activity on your card.  A new one will then be issued and you should receive it within 7 – 10 days working days.


Q – I have forgotten my online ID and password to login, what should I do?

A – Underneath the login in section you will see to linked options. The first is if you forgot your ID, the second if you have forgot your password. Select the relevant option and enter the detail required. You will then be sent your information to your email address registered with your account.

Q – Someone has used my eppicard and taken my money what should I do?

A – Log onto your states eppicard site and locate the customer services number for lost and stolen cards.  By dialling this you can cancel the card so no more funds can be stolen.