The Eppi card is an established system used to pay people monies they are due from the US government.  One of the most common purposes that the eppi card is used for is receiving child support payments.   This system is the replacement for an older system which saw your monthly money coming through the post in the form of a check which you then needed to be banked and wait to clear before you could access the funds.  The eppi card has changed all that by making your life a lot easier.  The way you receive your funds from the government now is electronically and your new balance becomes instantly available so the time it has taken for you to be able to access the money has dropped considerably.  If you get other forms of regular benefit payments then the likely hood is you will get given an eppi card.

Different Eppi cards are issued to individual states and have slightly different rules and regulations per region and for this reason each eppi card has its own dedicated website to allow users to stay up to date with their account and gain access to their available balance at any time during the day.  The card acts in the same way a debit card does, meaning you can spend the money by handing over your card at the checkout or use it online.  It does not allow you to go over drawn so you’ll never get credit from the card and only be able to spend to balance available.  ATMs can also be used to get information on your account and to draw money although please your states information before using them because some will incur a fee. Whilst others are free.